Kagami no chikara

Sensei Kasper from Fryslan

Sensei Kasper from Sneek. Dutch Budo friend and skilled in many arts. Aikido and Yawara teacher with a Budo Heart of Gold.

Master Dr. Choi, Bok-Kyu from Korea

Master Dr. Choi, Bok-Kyu, the key figure of bringing Sibpalki to the west. His knowledge in the art of Sibpalki is phenomenal and is a living legacy and supreme master in his own right.

Iaido Chisinau Moldova

Petre Moraru from Moldavia

Iaido friend I have met in Paris at the Muso Shinden Ryu Dojo. He lives now in the UK and when he can he studies and practises classical Iaido kata.

Hatae Martial Arts

Sabom Damian Adams from Australia

Sabom Damian Adams, teaching Hapkido, Taekwondo and Sibpalki. I have great respect towards him because of his everlasting energy and efforts to live his art to the fullest. A passionate teacher and a honest human.

Dera Tactical Martial Combat

Sensei Dera David from Thailand

Kendo, Iaido, Firearms, Self Defense in Thailand. I have great respect towards him because of his prowess in practical sword kumitachi and because of his efforts to bring Thai and Japanese martial arts together in a way that I never have seen before. 

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